Our new book The Digital Shopfloor: Industrial Automation in the Industry 4.0 Era has been published! The book reflects R&D results on the digital automation towards a fully digital shpfloor, including results from DAEDALUS and the other H2020 projects we are collaborating with: MAYA, FAR-EDGE and AUTOWARE.

The book is published by River Publishers and co-edited by Franco Cavadini, Oscar Lazaro, John Soldatos, Mark de Jongh and Chris Decubber. The book is an open access publication that you can download from here

Enjoy reading!


***** Book contents related to Daedalus *****

Chapter 4: IEC-61499 Distributed Automation for the Next Generation of Manufacturing Systems (download)

Chapter 7: Model Predictive Control in Discrete Manufacturing Shopfloors (download)

Chapter 12: Building an Automation Software Ecosystem on the Top of IEC 61499 (download)

digital shopfloor cover