Thanks to the collaboration between Daedalus, Far-Edge and Autoware project, a special session has been organized at ICPS2018 conference in Saint Petersburg, on May 15th-18th. The session, chaired by Paola Maria Fantini of Politecnico of Milan, was on open and interoperable technologies for design and operation of decentralized ICPS. The session has offered the framework for twelve presentations of the cutting edge methods, technologies and applications in the field and subsequent discussions. Amongst the 12 contributions received and presented during the session, 3 were focused on Daedalus results and 2 on Far-edge results:

  • A distributed control architecture for a reconfigurable manufacturing plant. Authors: Stefano Spinelli, Andrea Cataldo, Giacomo Pallucca, Alessandro Brusaferri (ITIA-CNR)
  • Design of a multi sided platform supporting CPS deployment in the automation market. Authors: Giuseppe Landolfi, Andrea Barni, Silvia Menato (SUPSI), Franco Cavadini (SYNESIS), Giovanni Dal Maso, Diego Rovere (TTS)
  • Refactoring of IEC 61499 function block application - a case study. Authors: Sandeep Patil, Dmitrii Drozdov, Gulnara Zhabelova, Valeriy Vyatkin (LTU)
  • Distributed ledger technology for decentralization of manufacturing processes. Authors: Mauro Isaja, John Soldatos (ENGINEERING)
  • Interoperable meta model for simulation-in-the-loop. Authors: Michele Ciavotta, Andrea Bettoni, Gabriele Izzo (SUPSI).

Scientific publications have been published on IEEE ICPS2018 Conference proceedings:

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