Since its launch event, in October 2016, one of the major objectives of Daedalus was to keep a constant and bidirectional connection between its research and development activities and the market of potential users of its technologies. This Technology Transfer effort is embodied in the project’s Competence Centre for IEC-61499 (role interpreted by Synesis, Coordinator of Daedalus), with a concrete strategy of drawing companies nearer to the opportunities offered by IEC-61499, thanks to the showcasing of its potential industrial applications.

Key to this approach is the realization of a Demonstrator, publicly accessible at the Competence Centre premises, which implements fully the technologies and results of Daedalus, applied over an application scenario with industrially-driven requirements. The objective is that of creating an attraction point for both innovators and end-users, a place where enabling technologies can be showcased in a controlled environment, triggering the opportunity for companies to understand in practice which benefits the transition to Industry 4.0 in automation could bring them. Entering now in the final stage of its conception and engineering, the CC Demonstrator will be built and commissioned next year, with a foreseen launch event planned for Summer 2018.

But the role of Daedalus’ Competence Centre is not limited to showing the technology, because an effective and proactive strategy to involve companies in a path of progressive acceptance of these technologies is equally needed. Knowing that this path requires the sustain of multiple stakeholders of the Technology Transfer domain and a Triple Helix approach that brings together also public institutions and universities, Synesis has established an operative collaboration with the ComoNExT Digital Innovation Hub, extending the concept of Demonstrator to the Hub itself and, thus, augmenting enormously its potential for obtaining the attention and interest of the market.

In addition to that, attraction of potential users to these technologies is automatically improved thanks to the “NEXT INNOVATION” methodology of ComoNExT, where companies are progressively supported in their acceptance of Industry 4.0 thanks to a well-defined multi-step procedure. Given the ambitions of Daedalus and ComoNExT, this is just a first step in the direction of even further regional extension of these concepts, with the past few months that have seen the creation of a larger alliance, among different stakeholders, called “Fabbrica Diffusa”, where the objective is to launch a full network of Industry 4.0 demonstrators, connected among themselves to further enhance the innovation message of Industry 4.0.