One of the key objectives for the exploitation of Daedalus’ technological results is the creation of a live community to sustain the market acceptance and evolution of the IEC-61499 standard for distributed automation: the European Competence Network (ECN) for the IEC-61499, an initiative that strongly encourages the adoption of the standard to use in the industrial automation systems.

The idea to create an ECN stems from the idea of deploying a concrete and shared strategy, aimed at clustering experts and users of the IEC-61499 and make their expertise and knowledge available for the market needs, providing the services and technologies needed to sustain the path towards a lively ecosystem.

The concept is that of gathering under the same vision a group of European Competence Centers (Synesis, Coordinator of Daedalus, being the first one), sustaining the belief that an aggregator of competences, focused on the dissemination and exploitation of technologies based on IEC-61499, represents a solution for crossing the so-called "valley of death", that zone between research and market where matchmaking is needed between enabling technologies and industrial needs.

The Network therefore aims at:

  • creating a European Network of competence centers and a critical mass of stakeholders from institutional and industrial sectors interested to the technology application of IEC-61499
  • promoting a process of technology transfer from the Research to the Market in the industrial automation sector that is devoted to explain, show and concretely apply innovation stemmed from IEC-61499 standard adoption
  • setting up an expert communityable to share knowledge and support stakeholders in the implementation of the technology at European level offering automation players interested in using the technology to be informed of technology potentialities and application showing the implementation of 5 demonstrators located across Europe
  • offering to technology providers possibility to enter in contact with IEC-61499 technology owners and to buy the reference implementations that accelerate the transition to IEC-61499
  • identifying key trends and challenges in innovation and industrial application of the IEC-61499
  • offering a collaborative portal to disseminate European projects info and results linked to application of IEC-61499

Fosters multi-level actions at European, national, regional and local levels, sharing instruments and knowledge and promoting clusters and networks to deliver concrete results, processes and services thanks to the application of IEC-61499, the ECN-61499 will be officially launched next year in February, during a large-scale public event organized by EFFRA to sustain the acceptance and dissemination of Daedalus and other FoF-11 projects.