The DAEDALUS Marketplace


The Digital Marketplace developed within the DAEDALUS project is a digital place where automation related applications, products and services will be sold and shared among platform users. The digital infrastructure will allow also machine, equipment and components manufacturers to exploit a common platform where to share updates and extended functionalities of their systems. The value proposition of the marketplace will be strongly related to the type of user it will be dedicated to, but in general, two families of value proposition can be identified:

  • Content producers: the marketplace will provide the infrastructure required to propose solutions and the high visibility in the automation market, also enabling to extend profitability of single applications/solutions;
  • Content users: the marketplace will provide reliable solutions, applications and services that, thanks to economies of scale will be offered at a lower price to value ratio.

The DAEDALUS marketplace is meant to become the one-stop-shop for CPS(s) developers/manufacturers interested to sell their products via a unique, structured and safe selling-point, able to match-make product offer with plant owners, equipment manufacturers or system integrators needing their solutions.




Access to the Marketplace: (to be requested to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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